Sunday, February 3, 2013

Borneo Tribal Squad MMA seminar review!

On the 26th January, Sabahan MMA fighter AJ Pyro together with AllFit hosted a special MMA Seminar that feature 2 other MMA fighter: PXC fighter Mark Striegl & URCC Adam Cacay.

The seminar was a crazy affordable price at RM100 for AllFit members & RM130 for non-members but feature all 3 fighters sharing each of their own fighting style (AJ - Muaythai for MMA, Mark Striegl - Wrestling for MMA & Adam Cacay - Wushu for MMA)

We at FightBah are very happy to be able to cover the event.

The seminar started at a little late at 2:30pm basically to allow all participant to register themselves. Get to chat up with the 3 coaches & one another.

The seminar is actually a very technical session, there is not much emphasis on warm up & stretches but straight into the techniques of each art and how they are to be applied to MMA. This is a good seminar to those that already have a basic but can be challenging for new beginners of martial art.

However that problem is quickly remedied as all 3 coaches were keeping an eye & spotting the mistakes to help anyone that is unfamiliar with the technique.

The seminar was at an easy pace & was conducted in friendly enjoyable manner.

All participant of the seminar got to walk away with a cert of attendance courtesy of  AllFit & Borneo Tribal Squad!

This was a very beneficial seminar for all aspiring Sabahan MMA fighters & is a real great deal to get 3 professional coaches that are still relevant in the MMA world. We at FightBah congratulate the organiser AJ Pyro & his Borneo Tribal Squad, Allfit Gym & to both our guest Mark Striegl & Adam Cacay for the great session!

We need more seminars like this in Borneo. Salute!

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