Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Borneo fighters competing in F-3 Championship Fight!

Another exciting promotion call the "F-3 Championship" (AKA Freestyle Full-contact Fight Championship) will be hosted in Titiwangsa Stadium, Kuala Lumpur from February 25th - February 26th 2012.

A few Borneo fighters will be present to compete in this huge competition and the latest fighters list has been released.

The list of the Borneo fighters are as follow:

February 25th, 2012
9am - 2pm Junior Muay Thai Super Fights:

Sulaiman Bin Lamat (Borneo Combat Gym)
Badboy Ronald Tee (Borneo Combat Gym)
Sunny "The Silencer" Sabonido (Borneo Combat Gym)

February 26th, 2012
8:30pm MMA Super 4 International Series & Super Fights:

Alvin Chong (Borneo Combat Gym) vs Allamurad Pretty Boy (MuayFit)
Chee Jian Kai (MuayFit) vs Adrian "A-Bomb" Tham (Borneo Tribal Squad)

That is all the info FightBah has as of now.

Considering the quality of opponents out in this promotion, FightBah feels that this should be an exciting match.

In referance to fighters like Sulaiman Bin Lamat, Badboy Ronald & Sunny "The Silencer" who will be competing in Muay Thai bouts, we know of their good fight experience in other tournaments like the Miri Muay Thai competition hosted last year, their recent performance at the Ultimate Beatdown also show them all to be pretty good strikers; however it would be interesting to see how they perform against opponents from around the West Peninsular.

Alvin Chong this time will compete in an MMA bout against Allamurad of MuayFit gym. As of now, Allamurad has not lost a single fight in all MuayFit promotion and is said to be on a 12-0 winning streak. While Alvin came out from a lost in his last fight at Ultimate Beatdown, it was a lost to a very dangerous opponent; this does not make him an underdog considering the quality of the opponents he fought with are no slackers. Alvin's striking should be his forte & this fight should prove to be an interesting match to watch if Allamurad would trade punches with the striker from Borneo Combat Gym.

UPDATE: The organiser has noted that Alvin Chong's opponent is not confirmed as of yet. Alvin could be facing any of the other 3 fighters in the Super 4 MMA and the winners of that two matches will meet to win the F3 championship title.

A new and exciting prospect would be fighter Adrian "A-Bomb" Tham who will make his 1st MMA debut. Probably one of the most underrated fighter from Sabah, Adrian Tham is actually a well rounded fighter who has won many BJJ competitions & also Karate matches. Adrian's striking skill is a rather unorthodox style of fighting (blending Muay Thai, Karate, Capoeira, boxing & Taekwando) he has recently followed the training of Sabah's own renown fighter AJ Vaa to practice on his wrestling & strategy. Hailing from the fight group called "Borneo Tribal Squad" which is head by coach AJ Vaa, we are all eyeing on his performance in this coming fight.

To all borneo fighters, FightBah would like to wish you all the best in your training and also fight hard for us!


  1. Hi, regarding the super 4, RTT, part of the organisers would like to remind you that it is a 4 man tournament and the preliminary aka semifinal matchups has yet to be determined and will only be announced on the fight night itself as the draw will only happen then.

    Harap maklum :)

    1. Thanks! Noted on the info. Sorry for any confusion caused.

  2. Alvin could be facing any of the other 3 fighters in the Super 4 MMA and the winners of that two matches will meet to win the F3 championship title

    1. Thanks for the info. :D

      Updated the correction to the blog. :D